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Our Mission:

Take Action.

We provide programs, venues, and social action projects that allow the opportunity for people to share their story.  We believe everyone has a story to share. When we provide a safe environment to share stories, it can bring healing to others.



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Anti-Bullying Awareness

The Blue Ribband Life Foundation features the If You Really Knew Me Movement(IYRKMM). The IYRKMM is designed to create an atmosphere of empathy, respect, and unity among students by allowing them to see themselves and their peers in a new light.




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Looking Clearly Now

Looking Clearly Now by Nathaniel Rios is the handbook compliment to the IYRKMM! This resource will help the educator, parent/guardian, coach, and student to address the root concerns of causes that produce bully mentalities. It is presented in a way that the students can read and apply within their school setting. This book details a 36-week process for students, teachers, parents, and administrators to #DoSomethingNice #SaySomethingNice and #ShareSomethingCalledLove.


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