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Our Mission

We exist to provide programs, venues, and social action projects that allow the opportunity for people to share their story. We believe everyone has a story to share! When we provide a safe environment to share stories, it can bring healing to others.

The Blue Ribband Life Foundation features the If You Really Knew Me Movement(IYRKMM). The IYRKMM is inspired and motivated to reach today’s young people with a message of hope, love, and discovery. Our mission is to use our influence for good; to uphold the rights of students by giving them a voice and advocate against bullying and all other forms of peer abuse in school. The IYRKMM is designed to create an atmosphere of empathy, respect, and unity among students by allowing them to see themselves and their peers in a new light. Our hope is that we can bring transformation, healing, and restoration into the lives of students where teachers, parents, and other influences may not have the opportunity or the resources to do so.

We are motivated to get people to…




"The feelings that I had of embarrassment & humiliation never really left, I just kind of put them aside. But If You Really Knew Me came to my school today and I'm finally able to let those feelings go."

— Columbia High School Student
Columbia, MS


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