You’re a game changer!

At LED we shed labels, we go beyond the norm, we make an impact, and we grow a family. We have conversations about life, and life is not easy or perfect. We sort through obstacles that face everyone day to day and are given release from stress and pressure. it is a safe place to share your dreams. We are challenged to do great things, to impact our school and the world. Each one of us is so important and is vital to the growth of others around us! We leave encouraged to Do something Nice. Say something nice. and to Share something called love.

We want you to be at LED!

We want you to be involved in a Life Experience Day at OHS! These days are designed specifically for you, to grow using games, music, and fun. We use lots of high-energy activities and challenging, eye-opening multi-media presentations. We also employ team-building and hands on activities. Overall, it will be a fun, intense, empowering day for students, teachers, and adult participants.

Come and learn how you can get involved!


On the day of the LED you will be released from your class by your teacher at 8:30AM, and should promptly make your way to the gymnasium. Following the LED you will return to your regularly scheduled classes. Please be aware, that your attendance will not be marked absent for attending this event.

I understand that the Life Experience Program may deal with a wide range of issues such as leadership, self-esteem, teasing, bullying, social injustice, alcohol/drug abuse, violence, racism, and other current issues regarding our young people. I also understand that the program will be fun, eye-opening, emotional, and empowering. You will not be required to share any information with the group, that you do not feel comfortable sharing.

In order to attend the LED the BRL staff must have a completed Parental Consent form which can be received via email, or through Principal Logan.

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I want to be involved in an Life Experience Day (Student's Name)